Residence Pet Friendly in Marina di Ravenna

Pet friendly residence, Marina di Ravenna – Residence Villa Marina

Residence Villa Marina is a pet friendly residence in Marina di Ravenna. It is located close to many landmarks and interesting sightseeing points in Ravenna such as the very old pine forest, the thermal baths of Punta Marina and the mosaics of Ravenna. In addition, Residence Villa Marina is located just a short walk away from the beach. This is the famous beach of Ravena that has a beautiful sandy shore. The residence is easy to be accessed from the main Italian cities of Bologna, Rome, Venice and Florence, by car. Tourists can also reach us by train or bus. Residence Villa Maria is located only 10 km away from the Ravena station. Its location makes it a perfect holiday destination for families, friends, couples and obviously their little four-legged furry friends.

Pet friendly residence, Marina di Ravenna - Residence Villa Marina

Book your Pet friendly residence in Marina di Ravenna

To book your pet friendly residence in Marina di Ravenna contact Residence Villa Marina. Our accommodations come in various chic apartments full of light and views towards the greenery surrounding the building. Every apartment is fitted with an air conditioning unit, TV, bathroom, shower, heating and kitchenette. We also provide additional services such as laundry or internet. In addition to the interior features, the residence is also located very close to great attractions in the area, such as the great and famous Mirabilandia park. We guarantee you that your companions and your pets will not get bored while staying with us. Therefore, contact us today to book an apartment and put your holiday in perspective.

The advantages of residence for families in Marina di Ravenna

The Italian province of Ravenna is very popular with many visitors for its beauty and its position facing the sea. Given this popularity, it is often visited and therefore has a good array of beautiful luxury residences to accommodate these travellers.

If you are on a family trip, check out the residence for families in Marina di Ravenna, Villa Marina Residence that is known to guarantee an excellent rest.

Pet friendly residence in Marina di Ravenna

Residences tailored for your family

There are many accommodations designed specifically to effectively meet the needs of a family in the province of Ravenna. In fact, depending on the size of your family, you will have the choice of the size of your apartment. So the choice is very important and with the seafront residence for families Villa Marina Residence you have it.

Also, whether you have kids or teenagers, it is very important to ensure their well-being to guarantee a quality trip. The pet friendly residence in Marina di Ravenna gives you the opportunity to keep your pets so that your children don’t suffer from their absence.

You will also have the chance to find accommodations that look like you. With the variety of accommodations in this province, you will always have what you are looking for. Whether it’s an apartment with a pool, a garden or a beach-front property, you’ll find your perfect home.

All the conditions you are looking for will therefore be met and will make this accommodation a second home for you and for all the members of your family.

Places to visit with your family

What really makes the magic of this residence for families in Marina di Ravenna is all that this province allows you to share as a family.

The presence of many parks

The area of Marina di Ravenna presents in fact several parks that can be visited with the family. From play parks to maritime parks, there is plenty to spend a good time with the family. These parks give even more value to the residence that offers family happiness inside and outside.

The museum of underwater activities

This museum is responsible for safeguarding the maritime history of the province. It is exactly what your family trip needs to make it more touristy. Therefore, the family accommodations presented by COLONIA S.R.L will allow you to enjoy this place to visit with your family to improve your stay.